Beyond Your Pond (GWTW301)

I have a question for you: How are you aiming higher? I’m utterly obsessed with this question. On one hand, I think about where I’ve been, the problems I’ve struggled with, the mistakes made. And on the other hand, I think about where I’m going, the successes I’ve achieved, and the possibilities before me. More of the same really is not an option because the boundaries of my world as it exists are within reach. Thus, the question: How are you aiming higher? Do you stay a big fish in a small pond or take a risk and go beyond your pond?

Five ways aiming higher affects your life and work:

  1. You are willing to turn away from the past and move to a new future.
  2. You are risking what you know for the uncertainty of what you do not know.
  3. You are wanting more—not of the same, but of—growth, improvement, and opportunity.
  4. You are willing to subject yourself to the pain and struggles that come with change.
  5. You are meeting new people who can help you aim even higher.

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