Beyond What is Obvious (GWTW723)

There’s something special about people who make decisions that go against the grain of societal expectations. Whether we make those decisions out of necessity, frustration, depression, or some other motivation is less important than the willingness to embark on a new journey. Today’s episode is inspired by a quote from an excellent book by Patrick Bringley, All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me. In the book, Bringley documents the loss of his brother to cancer, how he quit a dream job, and became a guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for ten years. It’s worth your time to help you examine your life, look beyond what is obvious, and find what is hidden.

Five steps to see beyond what is obvious:

  1. Pause “big deal” thinking.
  2. Step away from your routine.
  3. Clear your mind.
  4. Delay judgment.
  5. Eliminate instant expectations.

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