Behold the Wonder of Mystery (GWTW196)

Over the weekend, I binge watched the latest Netflix show and when I got to the last episode, the mystery was over, everything was wrapped up nicely with a bow, and I felt cheated. In spite of my feelings, I started asking some important questions: What is the role of mystery in life? More importantly, what’s the role of mystery in business? In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore mystery, imagination, certainty, and why we should ask questions in the “age of answers.”

4 Ways to Behold the Wonder of Mystery:

  1. Ask questions that lead you away from certainty and into the realm of imagination.
  2. Consume stories that make you uncomfortable, disoriented, or frustrated.
  3. Leave room in your creative process for the unknown.
  4. Allow the answers you find to lead you to action, reflection, and new questions.

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