Be the Creative Outcast (GWTW727)

Over the weekend, I did something I usually don’t or even set out to do: I helped a friend film a wedding. Since it was a behind-the-scenes, documentary-style project, I said yes because I love to be a casual observer and documenter of life. We captured all the usual events surrounding a wedding, but it was during the reception that today’s monologue found its roots. The reception was on the Portland Spirit, a popular ship for sightseeing and events along the Willamette River. As I captured footage of people enjoying the party with appropriate levels of emotion, I heard a commotion on the other side of the ship. I walked toward the noise, missing whatever happened, but the people at the table attempted to recreate their excitement for my benefit. I would return to this group throughout the evening because they were fun. When I mentioned it, the response was simple: “It’s because this is the singles table.” They were the outcasts of the wedding; they knew it and were having a blast anyway.

Seven ways to let go of what other people want for you and to step into your power as a creative outcast:

  1. Do the work that makes sense to you.
  2. Find how you do something before you watch a tutorial.
  3. Break the rules, ignore the best practices, and silence the self-proclaimed gurus.
  4. Embrace complexity instead of simplicity.
  5. Build a community of support with fellow creative outcasts.
  6. Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing on social media.
  7. Spend time with boring people.

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