Bangers, Ballads & Epics (GWTW693)

I’ve learned a thing or two producing this show and others over the years. But one issue that trips us up at one point or another: the pressure to consistently make the best episode possible. Yes, it’s a form of perfectionism, but it’s also the fear that if an episode has flaws, people won’t listen, and eventually, they’ll leave. Some episodes flow freely from idea to finished product, while others are a struggle. There’s a lot of advice on what to do in these moments: Amateurs wait for inspiration, professionals get to work. Thanks, Mr. Close. But I have a saying that I love to say when a client is struggling: “Not every episode needs to be a banger, sometimes you need a good ole fashioned ballad.” That’s some advice I needed to hear today because I felt the pressure of writing the perfect monologue.

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  • Midjourney prompt for episode art: banger, heavy metal, abstract, psychedelic –v 5.1 –stylize 1000 –ar 16:9