Your Authentic Voice (GWTW88)

Throughout my career, I eagerly sought answers on how to make it and become successful by adopting the tactics of each person I came across. I tried to do what others did. I acted like they did. I spoke like they did. I worked like they did. In trying to be like everyone else, I missed a very important lesson: I never learned to speak with my authentic voice. In this episode of Getting Work To Work, I share 10 ways you can approach your authentic voice and work to develop it.

10 Ways You Can Approach Your Authentic Voice and Develop It

  1. The work you do and do not do.
  2. Your values and core beliefs as a person and a company.
  3. How you approach your work and the type of people you work with.
  4. The words you use (or don’t use), the clothes you wear, and the way you present yourself.
  5. The style of your work.
  6. Your attitude towards learning and trying new things.
  7. Your pursuit of excellence or perfection.
  8. Your journey from emulating your heroes to discovering your own style.
  9. The development of your long-term body of work.
  10. How you serve others.

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