Attitude of Impact (GWTW611)

As I look back over the past twenty-plus years of working, I can see a clear pattern of behavior that I’m not proud of: an attitude of irreplaceability. I said yes to every task and increased my level of responsibility, not as a way of helping out and making an impact, but to prove that I belonged. To show that my work was great, even if it wasn’t that good. And to hold others for psychological ransom about how hard it would be to replace me. What a horrible attitude! Fortunately, as I get older, I not only learn how replaceable I am but how the attitude of impact can actually get me what I always wanted.

9 ways to cultivate impact in your working life:

  1. Work hard
  2. Do your best
  3. Say thank you
  4. Maintain a spirit of helpfulness, even if you don’t know what to do or how to do it
  5. Expect less, give more
  6. Learn from the wisdom and experience of others
  7. Be friendly, compassionate, and empathetic
  8. Listen more, talk less
  9. Communicate your needs

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