"All Things Rejection" with Alice Draper (GWTW786)

The question in the email was simple: “Are you interested in a podcast discussion on using rejection as a tool for success?” What a way to capture someone’s attention. Without a doubt, rejection is one of the biggest issues we face as creative entrepreneurs, and I was excited to talk with today’s guest about it and find ways to get better at accepting rejection in all its forms. Alice Draper is the founder of Hustling Writers, a “publicity business…on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented entrepreneurs.” In this conversation, we dive right into her current curiosity with the brain and neuroscience. From there, we get into all things rejection and how it serves us in every sphere of our lives. From setting rejection goals and building rejection resilience, a lot of the work is about depersonalizing the process and finding a community for support and encouragement.

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