"Agencies of Change" with Zipporah Vannata (GWTW392)

The conversation you’re about to hear was recorded before Design Week Portland made the decision to postpone their annual event to August 1-8, 2020. The question I had was whether to save the interview until closer to August or release them now. I chose to release it now for three reasons: 1) the people, work, and causes mentioned in this episode are still moving forward in the midst of everything going on in the world; 2) in this time of uncertainty and change, we can find inspiration in the dreams, stories, and efforts of others; and 3) we are building community in new ways every day and this is my positive contribution to that essential work.

One example of good positive change is Agencies of Change, a poster show bringing together designers, agencies, and the community to support important causes and non-profits. Today’s guest is Zipporah Vannata, senior designer at Murmur Creative in Portland, OR. She talks about the big vision behind Agencies of Change, the impact of last year’s work with Trans Lifeline, and how they picked this year’s non-profit, Raphael House of Portland. She also shares about her love for chocolate, cheese, and humor.

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