"A Little Piece of Your Soul" with Lian Dolan (GWTW517)

There is something special about moments in life where the worlds of fiction and reality align. Earlier this year, a good friend and supporter of Getting Work To Work reached out with a book recommendation, The Sweeney Sisters by Lian Dolan. Not only was the book enjoyable for my friend, but as she read it, she thought I’d find it interesting as well. It’s a book about families and the impact of secrets, and as you’ll learn in this conversation, something I’ve been working through the past year. Through the power of Lian’s words, I made a shift in my mind and began the healing process.

Not only is Lian a writer and speaker, but along with her four sisters, she co-hosts a top-rated podcast for women called Satellite Sisters. In this conversation, we begin with her early days of coming to the dinner table with a story to tell her nine family members and end by discussing the healing nature of fiction and how writing mirrors her reality. Throughout, Lian shares stories and wisdom for any creative to apply to their life, work, and craft.

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