A Different Story To Tell (GWTW675)

I’ve talked a lot about my journey on the podcast, especially where I find myself today: in the middle. I’m not anywhere near the beginning, nowhere near the end. Some days I can see to the very end. On other days, I can’t see anything at all. In these dark days, creativity provides an escape, a respite from the vicious storyteller in my mind as long as I let creativity do its job. It’s easy to get stuck, make excuses, and lie down to let the day pass to the next. Hoping things will change without action, petitioning the silence within for a change. But the best course of action is to move, even the slightest bit, to gain a new perspective and find a different story to tell.

Seven guideposts from Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story by Bono that I’ll be using for my own journey:

  1. Uniqueness is a given, even if what you do is the same.
  2. Sometimes you have to tear down success in order to build what’s next.
  3. Arrogance and courage go hand in hand in the creative process.
  4. Don’t assume you’ll keep making the same mistakes.
  5. Make your own rules.
  6. Then break them.
  7. Get out of the office when creativity has you stuck.

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