13 Reasons Why Your Creative Projects Don’t Happen! (GWTW440)

Do you have a creative project that you are daily dreaming about, only to find yourself full of excuses why you can’t work on it right now? What about that creative project you’ve been perfecting for years now, telling yourself that it’s almost there? How about the project you finished, released, and buried deep in your website, afraid to share it with the world? In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore these questions and dive into the 13 reasons why your creative projects don’t happen. Whether you are a filmmaker, podcaster, designer, writer, programmer, or more, I hope you’ll give yourself the freedom to explore what’s holding you back from getting the creative project of your head and into the world.

13 Reasons Why Your Creative Projects Don’t Happen!

  1. You don’t trust yourself.
  2. You don’t believe in your message.
  3. You tell yourself when you get more money, skills, contacts, paid work, exposure, etc., then you will start your creative project.
  4. You’re making more excuses than content.
  5. You don’t know where to start.
  6. You don’t know what to do next.
  7. You’re too busy doing other stuff.
  8. You’re afraid.
  9. You’re comparing your imagined project against whatever you just saw on social media.
  10. You’ve set impossibly high standards and expectations for yourself and your work.
  11. You spend more time looking for quick tricks and tips instead of putting in the time to get better.
  12. You’ve quit before you even started.
  13. You keep it to yourself and never share progress, updates, or the finished project with anyone. Alternately, you release it, but never promote it.

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