1,000 Reasons or One? (GWTW448)

Recently, I was sharing with my friend Gabe Ratliff about a bunch of new project ideas I have. From website updates and a new podcast to a second business venture, I shared everything I’ve been dreaming up, brainstorming, and planning. After I finished sharing, he asked a timely and powerful question: How will you prioritize what needs to be done between all those things? As creative entrepreneurs, it can be easy to think about all the amazing things we can do, and want to do, without considering time, money, energy, relationships, family, and life. In today’s episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to explore tactics and strategies that not only answer the question, but actually help you get your work out of your head and into the world.

Purpose and Impact of Ideas and Projects:

  1. Capture your ideas.
  2. Know the purpose of the idea or project.
  3. Is it a short or long project? Recurring or one-off?
  4. What is the potential impact on your life and work?
  5. Pick an idea or project and start breaking it down into what is known and unknown. Start chasing after what is unknown. Write down these tasks on the same piece of paper as your ideas.
  6. Get easy wins first to build momentum.
  7. Once you have momentum, push through the hard stuff.

Structuring Your Day:

  1. Organize your day. Dimi Lazarou of Symbolon shared this breakdown, which I think a lot about:
    • 4 hours: revenue today
    • 2 hours: revenue tomorrow
    • 4 hours: being curious
    • 2 hours: social/household
    • 4 hours: fun and relax
  2. Schedule it.
  3. Daily action.
  4. Use deadlines when they make sense.
  5. It’s all about energy management.

Commitment and Habits:

  1. Commit to the practice behind the idea or project.
  2. Build daily habits to reinforce your commitment.

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