"The Ripple Effect" with Maurice Cherry (GWTW413)

When you look at the world and see something missing, what do you do? Do you take action or wait for someone else to fill that gap? From the Black Weblog Awards and 28 Days of the Web to the award-winning podcast Revision Path and the design anthology RECOGNIZE, Maurice Cherry is no stranger to creating projects that fill the void he sees in the world.

Maurice is a “designer, podcaster, and pioneering digital creator in Atlanta, GA.” In this interview on Getting Work To Work, he documents his journey from the early days of learning HTML and studying Mathematics in college to producing a podcast featuring “Black designers, developers, and digital creators from all over the world.” He shares about how his peers have motivated him to grow and become a better designer, how he has continually had to create his own opportunities, and the importance for all designers to contribute to design history.

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