"Support the Monster Makers!" with Kyle Van Cleave (GWTW694)

What are the curiosities and interests you are hiding from the world? What would happen if you brought them to life in your work? For today’s guest, his love for monsters, comic books, pop culture, and pro wrestling found its way into his work after a chance encounter with a Frankenstein Pop! Funko. Now, Boris is everywhere, and it’s awesome. Kyle Van Cleave of Deadbolt Design is a designer and illustrator who brings an attitude of fun and uniqueness to everything he does. In this conversation, Kyle and I bond over Guillermo del Toro and monster movies. He also shares his thoughts on why the Frankenstein story is the perfect analogy for understanding the relationship to our creative work, his love for storytelling, the challenges of rebranding his studio, and what it’s like running a business with his wife, Ashley. Most importantly, we talk about what it means to support your local monster makers.

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