"Drop Into The Moment" with Mary Williams (GWTW732)

When you think about your business, how can you open your mind and drop into the moment to explore new possibilities? One way today’s guest does that is through analogous thinking, for example, having difficult conversations while talking about movies and TV shows. Mary Williams is the founder of Sensible Woo and the School of Moxie podcast. She is a librarian, systems coach, and podcaster who loves to help people think differently. In this conversation, we talk about her love for talk shows, podcasts, movies, and TV and how that love connects to her work. We also dive into the topics of reframing courage, the struggle we face as a society when it comes to attentional demands and classifying information, how to have better business conversations that aren’t boring, and how she has connected a metaphysical approach through tarot readings to business systems and processing intuitive feelings.

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