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Author: Chris Martin

“Building a Life-First Business” with Ashley Gartland (GWTW605)

Do you have a life-first business, or do you let your business rule your life? Ashley Gartland is a business coach obsessed with time freedom and space for the things that matter most—for herself and her clients. In this conversation, we explore her subtractive, life-first approach to business, how to do less but better, and the role of experimentation in making changes. We dive deep into permission, beliefs, assumptions, and the stories we tell ourselves. If you are a business owner struggling with burnout or needing to find a better way to run your business, Ashley’s wisdom can help you find a path forward toward success and enough.

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“Getting Educated” with gough (GWTW604)

Back on the show to talk about his latest production with is a long-time friend of the show, gough, from Australia. In this conversation, gough shares stories about all the vignettes, insights, and stereotypes that went into making The Education System. In typical gough fashion, he provides numerous lessons in marketing, brand naming conventions, and handling criticism. Not to mention how to pay better attention during interviews. For filmmakers, he also illuminates deeper insights into his writing style and how he manages his film productions.

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Fresh Routine or Day-Old Poutine? (GWTW603)

I love routines. I used to get up early, read for several hours, write and gather my thoughts for years. Then two weeks ago, my established and well-worn routine crumbled to pieces as my wife and I welcomed a new member into our family: Cosmo, The Wonder Pug. He doesn’t care about my need to read and write. He wants to eat, poop, play, and sleep. Quickly we learned that puppies need structure. As we planned his days, I realized just how much my routine required a reset. It had become a disgusting pile of day-old poutine leftovers.

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Recalibrating Success (GWTW602)

Last week, several friends got together to talk about success and career development. I was invited to participate but couldn’t attend due to an appointment, but I’ve been thinking about the question, “What is success to me?” since then. I didn’t feel I had much to offer at the moment. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have traditional notions of success anymore. Maybe it’s just that I don’t feel successful or even deserve success. But I think it’s more that I have outdated definitions of success. In today’s monologue episode of Getting Work To Work, I’m going to share a few thoughts, stories, and ideas about what success is to me today versus 25 years ago when I was starting my career.

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“Exploring LeadershipSOPs” with Edward Tyson (GWTW601)

What does leadership mean to you? Today’s guest on Getting Work To Work answers that question by focusing our attention on the intensely personal journey of leadership instead of gimmicks, tricks, and mimicking our heroes. Edward Tyson is the CEO of PerSynergy Consulting and author of From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading. In this conversation, Ed shares the story behind the LeadershipSOPs: the “Standard Operating Procedures for Structuring, Operating, and Perfecting your Communities of Effort.” He also talks about his love of patterns and people puzzles, where insights for leadership come from, and what it means to run people-centered businesses.

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