“Tap into Intellectual Curiosity” with Richie Lokay (GWTW569)

What will the discovery of new ideas and experiences look like in the future? Will you run into the unknown to find them or perhaps wait for others to shape the novel into stable and predictable interactions? These are a few questions inspired by today’s conversation with Richie Lokay, the VP of Product Design and Services at Wunderkind. He brings his energy and intellectual curiosity to his team to solve visual problems and experiences at a growing scale. In this conversation, we explore the stages of invention, design rigor, the value of deadlines, perfection, and why swinging for the fences is an essential skill.

5 People I’m Thankful For, Pt. 1 (GWTW568)

I was feeling a little discouraged yesterday. Unsure of what my monologue would be about, I was ready to pull the plug on monologues through the end of the year. But inspiration struck as I watched my wife get an idea for her YouTube channel, film, edit, and then release a video by the end of the day. I saw her drive, passion, and care for her growing audience. I remembered the early days of this podcast. It’s not to say that I don’t have those same feelings five years later, but producing content week after week can be exhausting. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to share five people I’m thankful for and the impact they have had on this show and my life.

“Let the Magic Happen!” with Lauren Krasnodembski (GWTW567)

What are you passionate about? A simple question that requires time and intention to discover the answer. Lauren Krasnodembski wasn’t sure what she was passionate about until she began to find the breadcrumbs that led her to a life of impact. Lauren is a transformational life coach, creator of Mind Muscle Motivator, and the author of Reclaim Your Power: A Guide to Allow Your Passions and Purpose to Discover You. In this conversation, she shares her journey of reclaiming her power and how you can too. She talks about the importance of understanding your strengths, learning where you may be limiting yourself, and taking messy action.

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