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"Living in the Creative Chaos" with Al Gibson (GWTW742)

If you’ve enjoyed my conversations with gough of, you might recognize today’s guest as someone I often talk about because his acting and characters make me laugh. That’s right, people, it’s Al Gibson, actor, musician, and Australian purveyor of creative wisdom and insight. From his curiosity about how things work and taking things apart to copying people’s voices to make sense of the world, Al talks about his approach to acting and creativity. He also touches on the importance of having a diverse career path, learning to take compliments, overcoming adversity, and learning how to get out of his own way and out of his comfort zone.

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The Endless Cycle of Creativity (GWTW741)

The social media posts are telling about this time of year: content producers are planning and pausing. There’s nothing wrong with approaching creativity from a time-based perspective. We shove everything we touch into an economic calendar for better or worse. Seeing how hard big businesses are promoting their sales, all one can say is, “’tis the season.” But what I’m discovering is that creativity transcends the clock and calendar. Instead, it’s the deep and cyclical work of emptying yourself of everything you are and refilling your mind and spirit with who you will become. The endless cycle of creativity might reset every week, month, or year, but that is less important than the work you will do and what will fill you up.

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A Documentary Series!

For over six years, Getting Work To Work has existed only as a podcast, but some stories need to be seen AND heard. This short-form documentary series focuses on independent creators getting their work to work.

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