“Brain Bump: The Future of Content” with Mark Herschberg (GWTW639)

What do you do when you are endlessly curious about how people get the most out of their lives and maximize their professional efficacy? You find a way to deliver context-dependent content—what you need when you need it. Mark Herschberg is an author and creator of the Brain Bump app and is back on Getting Work To Work to share about the changing world of content. Yes, an endless supply of information is available to us 24×7, but what is shifting is how we consume and retain information. In this conversation, Mark shares the stories behind Brain Bump, how it works, and the iterative process he went through making the app. He also mixes in various shareable moments on topics such as our careers and niches, laziness as a design principle, brand awareness, and the creative process.

Add Your Words to the World (GWTW638)

Last week on Getting Work To Work, I shared about the book I’ve been writing and read from a chapter about silence. I received a positive response, which encouraged me to continue sharing. So this week, I’m moving to the next section of the book, which is about close relationships. The chapter I’ll be sharing is about human evolution, the changes we go through, and our expectations of others to never change. But before I do that, I want to let anyone listening know this: your art, your words, and your lives are important, so never stop sharing them with your loved ones.

“In Conversation with Ideas” with Guthrie Ramsey (GWTW637)

What would you discover about yourself if you reexamined a significant portion of your career? Today’s guest on Getting Work To Work recently collected and edited 25 years of essays into a collection called Who Hears Here?: On Black Music, Pasts and Present. Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr. has many talents and interests: a musiqologist, professor, writer, pianist, composer, producer, podcaster, and filmmaker. In our conversation, he shares lessons learned from examining his past and how he continually weaves between interests and ideas. Guthrie talks a lot about collaboration and being open to others, the cycle of dream-plan-execute in creating new things, and how he is in constant dialogue between what he’s collected and what he’s experiencing now.

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