“Infinite Sonic Possibilities” with Drop Music Branding (GWTW549)

Have you ever thought about what your core values sound like and how they fit into the sound universe? Today’s guests on Getting Work To Work have by taking their drive, passion, and hunger for music and sound and translating it into audio branding. Gabo Agüero, Dalmiro Lacaze, and Mauro González are the creative forces behind Drop Music Branding out of Argentina. In this conversation, they share their entrepreneurial journey to make a living through music and sonic branding. They touch on topics that impact us all, including the importance of partnerships, how there are no excuses to create, ways to keep the game fresh, and a new way to look at staying in your lane.

“The Gospel of Independents” with Kelley Baker (GWTW548)

Kelley Baker, affectionately known as the Angry Filmmaker, is one of my favorite people. Not only is he a filmmaker, sound designer, and editor, but he is also an author, having penned several collections of short stories and non-fiction books. In this conversation, Kelley and I travel the shores of comfortable and uncomfortable topics: from the joys of eavesdropping and the curse of remembering too much to influences and the origin of ideas. We talk about his latest book of short stories, Dennis Barton is a Bastard and Other Stories, telling the truth in art, and how to continue growing and evolving as an artist. Most importantly, Kelley preaches the gospel of independents and how every one of us can support independent artists with our time, money, and attention.

“Grow Through Experiments” with Kay Coughlin (GWTW547)

How are you using experiments to grow through barriers such as perfectionism, inertia, and the status quo? That is a question I explore with today’s guest, Kay Coughlin, an entrepreneur, podcaster, and life coach for caregivers. She also happens to be my business coach, and I’m her podcast producer. In this conversation, we explore experiments and the primary role of noticing emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and data without judgment in the experimentation process. She shares about how to overcome confirmation bias, the value of failure, being okay with discomfort, building successful collaborative partnerships, and all things boundaries.

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