“Leap into a Phenomenal Life” with David Lindsay (GWTW583)

What happens when you can no longer do what you have trained to do? Do you give up, or do you find a way forward? Today’s guest is David Lindsay, a personal trainer and professional speaker who brings an athlete’s mindset to the corporate world. In this conversation, he shares what it takes to live a phenomenal life. We talk about building trust with people who have faith in you, dealing with what life gives you, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, and how to train your mind like the muscle it is. Most importantly, he reveals rest’s impact on our bodies and minds.

Practice Your Process (GWTW582)

Continuing the monthly theme of practicing your creativity, today I’m exploring how practice defines an entire creative process while simultaneously shaping each step uniquely. I’ll share a few examples and set you up with all you need to define your process and specify what you should practice next. Whether you’re new to creativity or an established professional, nothing will shake up your work quite like practice.

“An Infinite Well of Creativity” with Ashanti Anderson (GWTW581)

Why not poetry? According to today’s guest, the power of a poem is in its brevity, the ability to focus and precisely say what needs to be said. In her words, Ashanti Anderson is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, and occasional essayist. Starting with a reading from her debut short poetry collection, Black Under, Ashanti brings us onto common ground. From there, we talk about her quest for creative self-discovery, how she found poetry, and the visual nature of crafting poems. I hope this conversation opens you to new avenues of creative exploration and limitless possibilities.

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