“Heart-Centred Business” with Chris Lambert-Gorwyn (GWTW557)

How are you making someone’s life better with your business, no matter how tiny? This is but one question that reveals what today’s guest is all about. Together with his wife, Karene, Chris Lambert-Gorwyn brings their philosophy of heart-centred business to other business leaders through coaching and mentorship, not to mention other business ventures and a bestselling book that encapsulates their actionable insights and tools. In this conversation, Chris and I talk about what it means to be heart-centred, the paradox of power and play, aligning goals with values and rewards, how to create your own economy, and the importance of finding a different way to do business. If you are an entrepreneur looking for new ways to approach your business, this interview is for you.

Is It Time to Take a Break? (GWTW556)

I begin today’s episode with a rhetorical question: Is it time to take a break? If you’re listening to a podcast called Getting Work To Work, you probably could use an extended break. You’re hard-working, pushing yourself to learn and grow, and creating the future. But when faced with the decision to take time off—or even go to bed—you instead dig in and do more work, all to the detriment of your future self. In this episode, I’m going to explore the fears and anticipations of taking an extended break from your work.

“Art is Anything & Nothing!” with Debbie Clapper (GWTW555)

The opening paragraph of Debbie Clapper’s artist statement perfectly sums up our time together: “My work’s main intention is to take the viewer beyond the surface level, delving deep into the piece, allowing exploration and self-reflection.” Debbie loves abstract art because it can be anything and nothing. In this conversation, we explore her endless curiosity for grace, how she overcomes the critical voices that show up in the middle of the night, and how she took what she learned from her graphic design business to transform her art through collaborative relationships with others.

Getting Work To Work is a weekly podcast for creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries, and change-makers who are on a mission of chasing big ideas, telling epic stories, and leaving living legacies. Each week, you’ll get two brand new episodes: a topical monologue on Wednesday and an encouraging and insightful interview with a fellow creative professional on Friday.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at this creative and curious life for some time, I hope you’ll not only learn something new in this podcast, but also find yourself challenged and inspired to break through the barriers that hold you back from getting your work to work.